Clave y Guaguancó – La Rumba Que No Termina



For many years now, Clave y Guaguancó have been one of a few groups that have not only maintained but progressed the traditional folkloric Cuban music known as rhumba. As a 60th birthday present to themselves and to the world, they present La Rumba Que No Termina. There has never yet been a rhumba recording of such high quality, every note warm and alive, every drum sounding like it was a foot from the listener. Likewise, there may never have been a disc that respected the tradition while also honoring rhumba as a moving, changing art form that is ever pursuing new creative horizons. Both in their advancement of the traditional rhythms to a highly sophisticated place, and by introducing foreign elements (Fender Rhodes, electric bass, rap), the historic group ensures its place in history yet again. Few rhumba groups have developed the vocal element of the music to the extent of Clave y Guaguancó. This record will prove delightful not only for percussion enthusiasts, but for anyone interested in African vocal music and her many children. La Rumba Que No Termina is the most relevant, beautiful Afro-Cuban record to come around in years. ~ Evan C. Gutierrez, All Music Guide.

Track listing:
1. La Cuerda del Tambor
2. La Leyenda de la Rumba (Guanguancó)
3. Origen de Me Conjunto (Guanguancó Abakuá)
4. Guitarra (Guanguancó Abakuá)
5. Para Gozar, la Habana (Guan- Politimba)
6, La Rumba de la Corbata (Guan-Polirritmo)
7. Acaso
8. Ija Mo Dupe
9. Respuets a Marìa (Catumba-Rap)
10. La Mala Suerte (Cuando Yo Era Jovencito) (Guanguantimba)
11. Chano en Mi Memoria (Guaguantimba)
12. Amigas (Jazz-Batá)
13. El Tren de la Rumba (Guan- Batá)
14. La Rumba Que No Termina (Guanguancó-Timba).