“Cruising” to new heights after six years!

Montreal, September 09, 2015 – Internationally regarded drum and percussion artist Aldo Mazza, just returned from a very successful trip to China where he had the incredible opportunity to teach and perform in front of six hundred eager Chinese drum enthusiasts alongside an international faculty – all this on a cruiseship!. This was the sixth edition of the well-established annual event produced in collaboration with China’s reputable 9 Beats Music Education Schools, a nation wide effort consisting of an astonishing 500 school locations throughout China. Mazza is the Founder and Artistic Director of KoSA Music, along with his wife Dr. Jolán Kovács. KoSA Music has a 20 year successful track record of producing high-level music camps, workshops and festivals worldwide and the China event is one that Mazza always looks forward to and is proud to see grow each year by leaps and bounds!

The 2015 event kicked off by leaving the port city of Tianjin, China on a luxury cruise ship and heading straight to Japan. Throughout the week, drumset classes were given on the ship to school-aged participants alongside the watchful eye and help of their parents. An important ingredient to the success of the 9-Beats School System is the very important teacher training seminars. These lucky teachers were taught by this year’s stellar faculty: Rick Latham (U.S), Pete Lockett (U.K), Izumi Koga (Japan), Dom Famularo (U.S), Chris Trzcinski (U.S), Nicholas McBride (Australia) Sam Debell (U.K) An Yu “Ryan” (China), Han Bingchen (China), and Canadian drummer Aldo Mazza.

Plans are already underway for next year’s event in China (August 2014) with a possibly bigger collaboration with the reputable 9 Beats school directed by Mr. Li Hongyu.

Kosa China (2nd Edition)

KoSA Founder and Artistic Director, Aldo Mazza, fulfills annual request to perform and instruct in China.


Montreal, September 12th, 2011 — This past August, KoSA Founder and Artistic Director, Aldo Mazza, taught and performed in China. Aldo, along with KoSA co-founder and life partner Jolán Kovács-Mazza, have established an annual KoSA CHINA workshop event in collaboration with China’s 9 Beats music education, a national structure consisting of some 65 schools throughout China

“This was my third tour in mainland China,” states Aldo. “Each time I return to North America fully charged and impressed about different experiences there. I have been asked annually to lead workshops in drums and percussion, as well as perform in Tianjin and Beijing.”

Aldo first performed in Beijing twenty-five years ago with his percussion ensemble, REPERCUSSION. “We were apparently one of the first Western groups to perform there and, at that time, we had the open opportunity to walk on the Great Wall, stroll freely in Tiananmen Square and tour the entire Forbidden City without any waiting” he describes. “The streets of Beijing were densely crowded with slow moving bicycles and only a few cars. Today this has all changed drastically and the traffic jams of Beijing make Los Angeles’ famed traffic challenges seem like a piece of cake!”

“In Tianjin, I gave performances and joined forces with some well known Asian artists Zou Wengao (Shanghai), Akira Jimbo (Japan), Michael Taylor (Chicago), Mr. Li (Tianjin) Yang Zeng, (Metal drummer from Beijing), Izumi (Jazz drummer in Beijing), Ding Lin (Rock drummer from Taiwan),” continues Aldo. “There were some 300 students and 100 teachers from around the country taking daily classes and attending the daily concerts. We performed a KoSA “signature” grand finale concert on the last evening, an exciting experience which left the huge audience cheering for more.”

In Beijing, Aldo also participated in the National Drum Competition and was able to meet with some of China’s other great artists: Luyufei (one of China’s national TV drummers) and Liu Gang (Percussionist with the Beijing Symphony Orchestra and Beijing Conservatory instructor). In addition, Aldo was invited to “sit in” with master keyboardist, Hong Kong’s Kenny Chengdu.

“I had the musical time of my life playing with such great world class musicians in Beijing,” exclaimed Aldo. “Plans are already in place to return to China next year and continue to develop and expand the KoSA CHINA experience. For me specifically, and for our entire KoSA Team, it remains fascinating to witness the continued and rapid development process of our Chinese friends. Their fervent quest for expanding their pursuit of musical education and their continued excitement around live performance is impressive.

KoSA would like to thank 9 Beats, Evans, Sabian, and LP for continued presence and support of KoSA CHINA.


KoSA China (1st Edition)

Montreal, July 27, 2010 – KoSA Music founder Aldo Mazza has just returned from a trip to Tianjian and Beijing, China, where he served as a special instructor to one of China’s most prominent music academy’s growing percussion program.

“China is aggressively pursuing music education,” states Mazza. “This particular academy has 40 locations throughout the nation of China. The program I was asked to present at was a one week intensive workshop for both students and the academy’s faculty.”

Mazza presented master classes on drum set and djembe, as well as performed on drums, djembe and Latin Percussion instruments.

“I found the students and faculty to be extremely enthusiastic about learning the techniques and nuances of other culture’s drumming styles. These people are on a mission to be the best they can be at everything, and this includes their knowledge and performance ability with the music and techniques of other cultures, specifically, rock, jazz, fusion, Afro-Cuban, African, Latin and world music.”

About Aldo Mazza: Aldo Mazza is Founder and Artistic Director of KoSA Music, and a member of the internationally acclaimed percussion ensemble, Repercussion. He is an internationally recognized drummer, percussionist, recording artist and clinician/educator. He has recorded with such artists as Celine Deion, Jon Bon Jovi, Nikki Yanofsky and Aldo Nova; and has performed live with such artists as James Brown, Chris De Burgh and Oliver Jones.

About KoSA Music: In 1995, a group of like-minded individuals began the groundwork for the KoSA experience, creating from scratch: the faculty, the identification of facilities, the course structure and events for an expanded educational and experiential experience. KoSA believes music is the only universal language, transcending all social, economic, cultural and political boundaries. Within every KoSA project, the core philosophy is that with the sharing of music, the world works better; much better. All who experience a KoSA event have found that the “sharing” that occurs, is multi-faceted–not only do KoSA participants learn from the Masters of their craft, but the Masters learn from the participants and from each other. KoSA has headquarters in Montreal, Canada, and presents clinics, festivals and workshops worldwide.

Mazza’s clinic presentations in China are sponsored by LP, Sabian and Evans.

National Contemporary Music School

9 Beats (Jiu-Pai) National Contemporary Music School was founded by Mr. Hong Yu Li in 2003. It is currently the largest, most successful and most popular contemporary music and percussion teaching institution for young children in China.

With 50 schools strong in different cities, 9 Beats’ music education for young children is provided basically all over the country. The 50 schools are established in more than 40 different districts in 19 provinces and cities, including 8 schools in Tianjing, 2 in Beijing, and 9 in Shandong Province. Currently, there are more than 5000 registered students at the age of 4 or older learning contemporary music and percussion in the 50 schools.

9 Beats’ Headquarter is located in Tianjing. In a building larger than 1000 square meters, the Headquarter has teaching and practising centres, product show rooms, and an auditorium. Every week, students come to the Headquarter, attending classes, practicing and performing. 9 Beats’ Headquarter also houses its executive management team, and its teaching and research teams. The departments for finance, teaching and research, music production, show organisation, marketing, and sales are also in the Headquarter, centralizing the general management of its franchise schools. Every year, 9 Beats reviews and upgrades its textbooks and teaching materials, and develops new courses and projects. 9 Beats is still constantly expanding in different areas of the country. It is also committed to keep its prominent position in private music education for young children in the country.

The 10 schools in Tiangjing and Beijing are under the direct management of the Headquarter. There are approximately 25 full-time teachers in these schools, teaching jazz drum, marimba, guitar, bass, djembe, percussion and other instruments, as well as theory, hearing and reading. Over 1000 students at the age four or older are currently registered for contemporary percussion courses in these schools, and approximately 200 students for courses of guitar, bass and other instruments. 9 Beats has invested approximately 2.5 million Chinese yuan (approximately $350,000 US dollars) to equip its schools in Tianjing and Beijing with quality instruments, including jazz drums, electric drums, African drums and guitars from Pearl, Sonor, DW, PDP and Yamaha, Roland, Sabian, D’Addario and Toning.

9 Beats is well acknowledged in contemporary music and percussion education in China. Its founder, Mr. HongYu Li, has earned a great reputation from international instrument manufacturers. He is the spokesman for Pearl in China, the Director of electric drum education for Roland, and an outstanding Percussion Teacher awarded by the Chinese Percussion Association. He also teaches jazz drum classes in the Affiliated High School of Tianjing Music College. Mr. HongYu Li has developed a few unique teaching techniques, which are adapted by many other music schools for young children in China.

Mr. HongYu Li has been invited to give seminars and instruct classes by many music and percussion schools in China, Hong Kong and Japan. Many international manufacturers of brand instruments such as Pearl, Sabian, D’Addario, Yamaha, Roland and Evens have come to visit 9 Beats and give presentations. A few internationally highly acknowledged percussion musicians such as Jojo Mayer and Aldo Mazza have also come to visit 9 Beats, giving seminars and teaching classes.

9 Beats’ concept and techniques in contemporary music and percussion education have opened a brand new area in music education for young children in China. It will definitely have enormous impact on, and largely contribute, to the development of contemporary music in China.

Kosa 中國

科萨-中国 (第二篇)


蒙特利尔, 2011 年九月讯: 八月,科萨创始人及艺术总监阿尔多.马札先生再次 在中国作教学和表演之行。由他的终身伴也是科萨的同创人菊兰.科薇寺.马札女士协同,阿尔多与中国的九拍音乐学院合作创建了一个科萨-中国教学班。九拍音乐 学院是一所在中国各地拥有65个分校的学院。



阿尔多说:“我们在天津作了演出,还与亚洲的一些名星音乐家同台演出。他们包括Zou Wengao (上海), Akira Jimbo (日本), Michael Taylor (美国芝加哥), Li 先生 (天津), Yang Zeng (北京金属乐鼓手), Izumi (北京爵士乐鼓手), Ding Lin (天津 摇滚乐鼓手)。约有300名学生和100名教师参加了我们全日教学和演出班。我们在结业晚会上表演了一组科萨的明星节目,得到了观众的热烈喝彩,令人激动。

在北京,阿尔多还参加了全国鼓乐比赛,并有机会认识一些出色的中国艺术家,如Lu Yufi (中国电视台鼓乐表演艺术家) 和 Liu Gang (北京交响乐团打击乐手和北京 音乐学院的 指挥家)。同时,阿尔多应邀参加了香港电子琴大师 Kenny Chengdu 的合奏。


科萨谨此感谢九拍音乐学院,Evans, Sabian 及LP 公司对科萨在中国的活动的参 与和帮助。



by Neil Peart


近20年前我与阿尔多 -马札在蒙特利尔的一次音乐会上邂逅。继而我们一直保持联 系。在90年代初,阿尔多邀请我加入他的四重名星打击乐队(Repercussion)在多伦多举行的一次音乐会。我为他们的高超技艺感到惊讶和欣慰。因而我们商讨要合作搞一个打击乐的项目。虽然项目一直未启动,阿尔多邀请我随时参加他在美国佛蒙特州举办的打击乐夏令营教学。终于在2011年7月,一切条件具备,我接受他的邀请。我非常高兴我这次能接受他的邀请。这次在佛蒙特州卡塞墩科萨16夏令营的经历给我一生留下了闪光的一页 — 一个多么令人高兴的地方!

我在那遇到的没一个人都很友好和热心,都为来到夏令营而高兴。当阿尔多和我给近100营员讲话时,每一个人都显得积极,开心,和令人兴奋。在他们当中我见到的是充满了微笑。当然,这都是因为我们享有同一种激情 –同为鼓乐的第兄。我们 都被这一重关系激励和推动。阿尔多和我跟大家谈到我们个人经历的好多方面,还回答了他们很多有趣的问题。我继而跟阿尔多调侃说:“我们是不是该敲鼓啦?”他笑着说:“是的。但有一件事我们得先做一下。”接着他叫来了他的太太菊兰,献给我一面终身成就匾。上面的话语让我深深感激,甚至可说是让我震动。真是这样的。

然后,我站回到一组小号鼓乐器,和其他教师一起演奏了一曲“教授鼓乐合奏。”阿尔多执非洲鼓(他在所有的乐器上都认人不可置信地出色),梅默-阿塞维多执铃, 马可斯-桑多思执墩鼓和铃,麦克-温布尔理执非洲鼓。接着交换位子,我打非洲 鼓。我不专业非洲鼓,但很感兴趣。



左至右:梅默-阿塞维多演奏铃,马可斯-桑多思演奏墩鼓和铃,阿尔多演奏非洲 鼓,麦克-温布尔理演奏非洲鼓,呢尔-佩尔特演奏鼓组合和非洲鼓

蒙特利尔(加拿大),2010年7月27日讯: 科萨音乐学校的创始人阿尔多-马札先生刚完成其中国北京、天津之旅行回来。他的这次旅行是应中国最具规模的一所音乐学院之邀,去担任一个正在快速发展的打击乐课程的特别指导。


阿尔多-马札先生简历:阿尔多-马札先生是科萨音乐学校的创始人和艺术总监。 他是国际上公认的打击乐联盟 REPERCUSSION 的会员。他是一位在国际音乐界 得到认可的鼓乐手,打击乐手,录音艺术家,艺术指导和教育家。他与世界知名的歌唱家瑟琳-蒂杨 (CELINE DEION)、约翰-邦-咎卫 (JON BON JOVI)、尼凯-雅诺夫斯基 (NIKI YANOFSKY)、阿尔多-诺瓦 (ALDO NOVA) 等合作录制过唱片。他还与詹穆思-布朗 (JAMES BROWN)、克里斯-德道夫 (CHRIS DE DURGH)及奥里维-羌思 (OLIVER JONES)同台演出过。



2010年科萨打击乐培训班的教师包括:梅默-阿塞维多 (MEMO ACEVEDO),马可思-山托斯 (MARCUS SANTOS),贝尔-巴哈曼 (BILL BACHMAN),多孟-法穆拉若 (DOM FAMULARO),保而-德龙 (PAUL DELONG),约翰-贝克 (JOHN BECK),阿尔多-马札(ALDO MAZZA),阿兰-默纳尔 (ALLAN MOLNAR),李伯特-德维托 (LIBERTY DEVITTO),基母-若尔 (JIM ROYLE),凯可-噢朔李欧 (KIKO OSORIO),捷夫-萨李斯布瑞 (JEFF SALISBURY), 瑞克-梵宏 (RICK VAN HORN), 葛凌-卫勒兹 (GLEN VELEZ),豪拉奇尔-荷南德滋 (HORACIO HERNANDEZ), 麦克-温伯俐 (MICHAEL WIMBERLY),拉托亚-维葛佛 (LATOYA WIGFALL), 约翰-瑞理 (JOHN RILEY), 和其它客座讲师。

科萨的合伙创始人苣兰-科瓦斯先生描述说:“培训班的学生和老师都感到自己置身于 一个难以忘怀的环境里。由于有那么多的机会和时间以一对一的或小组的形式在一起交流,他们都感到在这次培训班上受益很多,而且受益的方面之多也是大家未曾期待的。”

阿尔多-马札先生还说:“我们这是连续第十五届举办这个培训班。这次活动 又进一步增强了科萨的核心理念,即当你不仅有机会与人一起练习和演出,而且吸收新技巧、新概念、新观察时,共享音乐便得到了最好的体现。这种共享存在于学生与教师、教师与教师之间,也自然地存在于学生、教师与每场音乐晚会的听众之间。”


科萨简介:科萨国际交流公司致力于提供最完美的器乐指导和技术。她在蒙特利尔的音乐学校全年度开课。在国际上她举办各类培训班及音乐活动,如她的国际打击乐培训班、古巴科萨培训班、科萨周末音乐会、乐器训练营、科萨鼓乐会等活动。科萨的总部在蒙特利尔。联系人:厥兰-可瓦克斯博士;电话:(001)514-482-5554; (001)800-514-8401; 英特网地址:www.kosamusic.com; 电邮地址:Info@kosamusic.com





九拍在天津市及北京市建立了10个直营教学点,有25名专职教师教授爵士鼓、马林巴、吉他、贝司、Djembe、Percussion等乐器及基础乐理、视唱练耳等课程。有1000多名4岁以上的孩子在九拍学习现代打击乐,同时还有近200名小鼓手同时学习吉他、贝司等乐器。九拍在天津、北京教学点的教学设备的投资已经超过250万元,均使用国际知名品牌乐器如珍珠(PEARL)、SONOR、DW、PDP、YAMAHA爵士鼓和罗兰(ROLAND)电鼓、YAMAHA电鼓、罗兰(ROLAND)音箱、BOSS效果器、FENDER吉他、YAMAHA吉他、FENDER音箱、SABIAN镲片、ISTANBUL镲片、PAISTE镲片、EVANS鼓皮、VIC FIRTH鼓棒、DW鼓棒、HQ哑鼓、D’Addario琴弦、TONING非洲鼓等做为教学设备供孩子们练习。

九拍在中国现代音乐教学行业的巨大影响力吸引了很多世界知名乐器品牌负责人前来参观洽谈,目前PEARL、SABIAN、D’ADDARIO、YAMAHA、ROLAND、DW、PDP、VIC FIRTH、HQ、EVENS、SONOR、FENDER等国际品牌都与九拍达成产品合作,九拍为孩子们提供了良好的学习条件,在日常教学中使用世界顶级的乐器产品作为教学设备,并在全国各地的九拍教学机构内进行产品推广。


九拍的教学模式已经成为中国现代音乐教育的行业标准,李红育先生编写的爵士鼓教程是国内最系统化的有声教材,18册的教程内包含了大量的练习和演奏乐曲,面向4岁以上的儿童,目前正在陆续出版当中。李红育先生曾多次应邀前往日本交流访问,并多次应邀前往中国香港地区及中国的很多省市讲学。从2006年到现在,全国有250多个省市地区的音乐教学机构负责人前来天津九拍俱乐部参观学习,李红育老师培养的300多名打击乐教师目前正在全国各地的音乐教学机构里任教。很多国际知名乐器品牌如PEARL、SABIAN、D’ADDARIO、YAMAHA、ROLAND、EVANS的负责人等都曾来到九拍俱乐部参观,很多国际著名的爵士鼓演奏家如JOJO MEYER、ALDO等也都前来九拍讲学及开展演示会活动。




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