The new KoSA Academy is open!

All KoSA instructors are active Montreal professionals
Private Lessons:
  • Drumset & Percussion
    • Afro-Carribean
    • Cuban
    • Brazilian
    • African
    • Arabic
    • Classical
  • Bass, Guitar, Keyboard, Flute, Saxophone, Vocal
    • Jazz
    • Classical
    • Rock
  • Master Classes
Group Lessons:
  • African drumming
  • Cuban rhythms and drumming
Students! Please click on each to download and print out these important documents:

The KoSA Academy studios are now located at 2207 Beaconsfield Ave. NDG, Montreal.

Please contact us for more information.
[email protected]

Walfredo Reyes Jr and band at KoSA Academy

cvqig9yxyaa1p51About Walfredo Reyes Jr.

Few drummers playing today can successfully combine the rich history of Latin, Afro-Cuban and World Percussion with the drum set. For Walfredo Reyes, Jr., fusing the two disciplines has been his driving passion. In fact, by blazing this path, Reyes has challenged the technical levels of our instrument.

Because of his versatility, Walfredo is one of the most in demand musicians in the world today. He currently lives in the Los Angeles area where he continues to expand his talents to recording, producing, composing, education, live performance, and touring. Walfredo is currently touring with the world renown Classic Rock band, Chicago, playing percussion.

KoSA Academy Photos