“These past few months have been challenging for everyone, and we hope that you are all safe and healthy amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

We, at KoSA, feel extremely fortunate to be able to continue making music during these highly anxious times. During the past months, our dedicated KoSA Music team learnt how to transmit their expert knowledge via platforms such as Zoom without compromising the quality of what we do. Not only did most of you resume your individual lessons online back in the spring, but we in fact, proudly held our 25th anniversary KoSA Drum Camp online this past July and it was truly a smash hit with both participants and Faculty alike. The following testimonials from such legendary artists as Mike Clark and John Riley give you a taste of the success of the event:

“I’ve been part of a number of KOSA workshops and they’ve all had an inspiring mix of world class players and teachers and eager attendees. This year was a little different, being online, but the level of teaching, student engagement and overall camaraderie was as if we were all together in person thanks to the vision and efforts of Aldo and Jolan.”

**John Riley**

“Thank you and Aldo for a fantastic experience!! I have done several clinics and I do lessons but you guys were great.Thanks you once again KOSA is always cool !!!!

** Mike Clark**

In light of these online successes, we are determined to move forward and re-open our Academy for another inspirational year. We need to stay inspired – especially now when schools are cutting back on music programs more than ever. As we remain focused on keeping our teachers and our students safe and healthy, we have chosen to resume our year exclusively online but with the assurance that you will receive the extraordinary pedagogical quality that you are used to receiving at KoSA. AND, since we are resuming online, we are opening our doors to the international community to come study at KoSA. Our already outstanding local Faculty will be expanded this year and feature many international artists who will share their talents with you while teaching from different parts of the world. We also offer University credits by studying at the KoSA Academy. This is incredible and details of this will be available soon on our website. People who are currently enrolled in any University can apply these transferable credits to their program both undergraduate and graduate.”


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