Kosa Cuba Havana & Fiesta del Tambor

March 3-10, 2025

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Experience an unforgettable hands-on and intimate adventure into the music and traditions of the Cuban Culture. As a KoSA participants, you will have VIP access and attend the evening concerts of the Fiesta del Tambor (Havana Rhythm and Dance Festival). You will feast your ears and eyes on the exciting competitions which feature the outstanding talent of young percussionists in Cuba. Help us applaud their success when the winners receive instruments as prizes brought to Cuba by our organization “KoSA” as we are a proud Major sponsor of this incredible event.

Kosa Cuba artist faculty includes such icons as Changuito, Giraldo Piloto, Adel Gonzales, Rodney Barreto, Enrique Pla, Panga, Oliver Valdes, Amadito Valdés among others. Concerts of la Fiesta del Tambor /Havana Rhythm and Dance Festival will include such legendary artists as Klimax, Changuito, Los Van Van, Los Muniquitor de Matanzas, Yoruba Andabo, Rumbata, Conjunto Folklorico Nacional, Cuban Alstars, Cesar “Pupy” Pedroso, Alexander Abreu y Habana de Primera, Santiago All Stars.

All KoSA CUBA payments have to be done by phone ONLY:  Please call us at 1-800-541-8401 

Custom Cuba Experience for Groups! Do you have a school group, organization or group of people that would like to travel to Cuba? Let KoSA Cuba Travel help you organize a professionally scheduled experience in Cuba to suit your group.

KoSA Cuba Travel is a leader in Cuban cultural travel since 2001. We organize top-notch programs that can be custom-made for the needs of your group. The trips include life-changing excursions in different parts of this breathtaking island.

All KoSA CUBA payments have to be done by phone ONLY:  Please call us at 1-800-541-8401 

About Our Programs in Cuba

Since 2001, KoSA Music has organized countless trips to Cuba for either individuals or groups. KoSA founded the original “Jardines del Rey Jazz Festival” in Cayo Coco, which was the very first Cuban Jazz Festival on the island featuring only Cuba’s top artists such as Chucho Valdes, Giraldo Piloto & Klimax, Sesto Sentido, El Greco, Hernan Lopez Nussa, and many more. During this festival, KoSA organized study programs and workshops for foreigners who came to attend the festival and study the music.

Since the beginning, KoSA has been dedicated to building bridges to Cuba by bringing instruments, books, and supplies to the music schools as well as to connect the musicians to North America. By 2004 KoSA moved the workshops to Matanzas and Havana and began a collaboration with Giraldo Piloto to help him establish Cuba’s “Fiesta del Tambor” in honour of Piloto’s legendary uncle, Guillermo Barreto. Guillermo Barreto was one of Cuba’s most famous and respected drummers and arranger. KoSA is the main sponsor and collaborator of “ La Fiesta del Tambor” with Artistic director, Giraldo Piloto.The festival has now grown to new levels and includes not only the top drummers and percussionists in Cuba but top bands, traditional music and dance of all cultural types. In fact, the festival expanded its name to “Havana Rhythm and Dance Festival” to explain this natural evolution and attract people outside Cuba to attend.

Each year, the festival hosts a national competition for drummers and percussionists where winners in five categories are awarded an instrument as a prize. The prizes include: a drumset, Sabian cymbals, congas, timbales, bongo and bata drums. Since these instruments are not readily available in Cuba, KoSA brings to Cuba most of the instruments to give to the contest winners. KoSA is able to do this through its non-profit organization and foundation, which raises funds to help Cuban students and musicians with instruments and supplies…sticks, drumheads, strings, valve oil, reeds and much more. This has been an underlying mission for many years. KoSA has also created a backline for musical instruments in Havana for all our programs held during the year.

KoSA is recognized in Cuba by the Ministry of Culture, the Istituto de la Musica, the top Cuban artists as well as their many reputable music schools. Our organization has helped many top Cuban artists tour in USA and Canada. We have also created in the last few years, custom- designed group travel for orchestras, choirs, and groups of various types which has been immensely successful.

* Special note: KoSA Cuba Study programs are academically accredited . 3 transferable university credits from Castleton University ( USA ) in both undergrad and graduate level are available. Please ask us when registering if you are also interested in University credits

The KoSA team is headed by its founders, both active musicians: Aldo Mazza, an internationally recognized percussionist/drummer, producer, event organizer, educator, author and his wife Dr. Jolan Kovacs who is a violinist and concert pianist and who holds a PhD in Music Education Research.

KoSA is your gateway to Cuba’s cultural scene. Join us either at our next scheduled event or ask us to organize a special custom designed trip for your group.

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