KoSA Mediterranean Dream Retreat: Italy

Want to be happier and more productive? Want to surround yourself with the glory of nature and remove yourself temporarily from the demands of your work? Then join us in Italy this summer – for a Mediterranean Dream Retreat this July 15-22, 2024 – to experience a unique cultural adventure that will nourish your mind and soul through music, dance, food, and hands-on classes!

Immerse yourself in the heartbeat of Southern Italy in Calabria as we present a unique one-week extravaganza tailored just for you! This is not just an event; it’s a rhythmic and cultural journey through the soul of Italy, where every beat tells a story. Here is what you will experience:

🌟Daily Masterclasses by Italian & International Drum and Percussion Masters

Ignite your passion and elevate your skills with daily masterclasses led by renowned international musicians and partake in hands-on classes such as the enchanting and traditional Tarantella through frame drumming and dance. These classes are open to the complete novice and also to the formally trained participant.

🎶Live Performances and Collaborations

Experience the magic of live performances as local musicians and our international masters come together to create mesmerizing collaborations. Some concerts are in historic towns and archaeological sites.  

🎤Open Jam Sessions

Step onto the stage and jam with fellow musicians and music enthusiasts. Share your beats, learn from others, and create musical connections that go beyond borders. 

🥘Culinary Delights and Cultural Immersion

Savor the flavors of Calabria with an exclusive culinary experience and partake in cooking workshops. Engage with the local culture through beginning language classes.

🌅 Explore the beauty of the region

Take in the breathtaking landscapes of Calabria – from serene beaches to picturesque villages. Discover the cultural gems hidden in every corner and explained by a well-respected historian and anthropologist of the region.

More Information

  • Lodging and classes: Stay in the picturesque 15th century former monastery, Borgo del Convento, in the charming village of Petrizzi, located in the province of Catanzaro in Calabria, Italy. www.borgodelconvento.it

  • Date: July 15-22, 2024 ( July 15 & 22 are travel days)

  • Location: Petrizzi, CZ, Calabria, Italy

  • Limited Spaces Available ! Register HERE

  • Call for more info: 1-800-541-8401

KoSA Italy Photos

Calabria blissful shores