Over 20 years ago, a core group of like-minded individuals began the groundwork for what would become the KoSA experience. We felt there was a need to bring the attention of music and all its positive power to as many as we could. We created from scratch: the faculty, the identification of facilities, the course structure and events. We knew we wanted to do more than just connect participants with the greatest professionals, professors and performers – we wanted to bring an expanded educational and experiential philosophy to the table as well.

Co-founded by performing drummer, educator and author, Aldo Mazza and Dr. Jolán Kovács, a performing classical voilinist, pianist and university professor, the program has grown to include events world wide, including growing events in China and Cuba.

KoSA’s organizational philosophy is decidedly simple: essentially, we know that music is the ONLY universal language. It transcends all social, economic, cultural and political boundaries. Within every KoSA project, this is our core philosophy: that with the sharing of music, the world works better, much better.

This focus is ultimately what sets KoSA events apart from any other type of education or “camp” experiences, and what makes all KoSA projects so very special. Since we began the KoSA adventure, hundreds of world renowned artists, thousands of participants and many thousands of festival attendees have shared in the magic that is created when great performers become great teachers within an ideal environment, structure and philosophy. We have found that the “sharing” that occurs, is multi-faceted; not only do KoSA participants learn from the Masters of their craft, but the Masters learn from the participants and from each other.

There may never be an absolute Utopia when it comes to a learning environment, but for nearly 20 years, KoSA has been as close as it gets, a fact to which our entire Team and our extended family and faculty alumni are very proud.

Aldo performing with Mike Mainieri concert honouring legendary Don Alias

Aldo Mazza receiving special award from Lehman College honouring Aldo Mazza and Dr. Jolan Kovacs 9 KoSA Educational Programs worldwide)

KoSA USA / Canada Photos

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