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In recent years, there has been an increasing interest, spearheaded mainly by U.S corporations, in the creation of team-building events. With statistically proven results, the most successful of these events are “drum circles” or drum events. In fact, thousands of the world’s top corporations (and increasingly companies of all sizes) are now regularly programming team-building interactive drum events in their conferences and meetings. Here is how it works:

The drum circle is led by a professional drummer whose main function is that of a drum “facilitator”. Each person (employees and executive members alike) plays on a hand drum, frame drum or African djembe and is shown simple rhythms. No prior drumming experience is required. From these basic rhythms, the facilitator orchestrates a number of different rhythms for the group to play. The concept that each player has to listen and fit in his or her own part to be in sync with the ensemble is vital to the experience and a powerful learning tool to take back to the workplace. Participants learn that they HAVE to be part of the ensemble and must not stand out or lead in any way unless they are put in the lead position (soloist). A soloist is then appointed by the drum facilitator at various times during the session. Here are just a few of the many benefits of team-building events in the workplace:

Group Energy is the key to team work!!

This unifying experience creates the perfect platform for teams to experience the power of all, working together to achieve a common objective. Participants experience true synergy in a constructive and collaborative way.

Build your team….. One Beat at a time

Everything in a drumming orchestra must obey the base rhythm. There is always something in a company, in a team, in a group, that represents that base rhythm. It can be a company philosophy or company motto. The bass rhythm is the tie that binds. In a drum circle, one builds different rhythms in different sections, and when it is brought together, they form something greater than the sum of their parts.

Group drumming is all about sharing, about listening to each other and about playing to the same beat . . . It’s about making music together – as a group and as a company.

Participating in an exercise in communication, effective listening skills and the power of a truly synchronized team has great benefits for any business. Any feelings of isolation and dissent disappear, as the drumming experience bonds every participant and creates a motivated and unified group. You have to be a team in order for the barriers of age, culture, language and gender to disappear. Similarly, you have to have “teamwork” to make music together. Companies are made up of different rhythms. Those rhythms may be made up of different departments such as sales, marketing, IT, manufacturing, administration, accounting, etc. When those different “rhythms” are able to play to the same beat, the same goals and vision… when those rhythms listen to each other, then the company can “make music” together.

Energizing and boosting your conference.

In traditional cultures, drumming is used as a prelude to community functions. Drumming can be used to great effect to both open and close conferences – drawing people together, celebrating success and ensuring that delegates leave feeling invigorated and motivated. At the beginning of a typical business conference, people are coming from different areas within the organization (and some times from different parts of the world). Corporate team building and entertainment facilitators get these gatherings off to a great start, by creating an energy which in turn creates a bonding and a breaking down of barriers both vertically and laterally. At the end of a conference, it is important for the attendees to leave with memorable impressions, a sense of accomplishment and a sense of having had a good time. Hosting a drum circle to open or close your conference is a fantastic way to do a lot with a little and allows people to leave with memorable impressions, a sense of bonding and a great time.

Why choose drumming? Here are the top 8 reasons:
  1. Unity: Drumming is a powerful experience in unity for a group, it brings people together, and it requires a common focus. It leaves people with a sense of belonging to a large orchestra. It is a unique way to get really large groups to do something very enjoyable and interactively together.
  2. Mental Shift: The effects of drumming on peoples’ mental state is very profound in that the focus, stress release and group energy after experiencing a team building drum circle combine to leave people feeling both stimulated, relaxed and receptive. This highly effective tool can create an ideal environment for speeches and awards, for example.
  3. Physical Shift: Drumming, being a very physical activity, can be a great stress release. It breaks the ice and leaves people feeling relaxed. It can be equated in many ways to meditation and is therefore a very rejuvenating experience – especially after hard work.
  4. Fun: Drumming is simply a really fun way to do something together. Everybody will be smiling and in a great mood. This form of corporate entertainment breaks the ice unlike any other. It’s a real celebration. People lose inhibitions, and allow themselves to experience the moment.
  5. Unique: Using drumming for a corporate retreat, team building or entertainment event is extremely memorable since it is such an unusual thing to do and since it requires group participation. Most people will never have drummed before, and certainly would not have seen a large group formed into an instantaneous drum orchestra. It’s a great way to get a large group practicing and experiencing something that is truly together.
  6. Skills development: Drumming is a great way to highlight the learning of a new skill, and to be able to embrace change as the session evolves. Not only do people really learn to listen to each other, but they work in a cooperative rather than competitive way. It is highly rewarding to feel the way a drum circle group carries you, and there is a sense of belonging. It is also a simple way to teach coordination, which is actually quite beneficial for everyone. The understanding of the importance of rhythm in all areas of life can be a great insight. Left and right brain are used at the same time, stimulating creativity and increasing concentration.
  7. Cultural Diversity: Drumming is a great way to open people up to the beauty of diverse cultures. It is a universal language and therefore showcases the power and richness of diverse cultures. An entire event can be done without saying a word in English, French, Spanish or any other language…using only the language of the body, and the universal language of music.
  8. Breaking barriers: Drumming is successful in very diverse groups of participants. Old, young, male or female, any religion and in any language; EVERYONE can do it together. It is a universal activity. In any company, it is extremely healthy to engage in something together with all departments, and where the playing fields are levelled.

Drumming can make a difference. Our KoSA Team can bring the uplifting experience of group drumming to your company or organization. The results of such a program lead to improved thinking, group productivity, reduced stress and much improved comraderie, focus and renewed sense of purpose. Much more than great fun, playing drums together brings synchronization…and when that happens, the box is opened on all sides and creativity starts to pour out.

The primary thing about group drumming events, is that they are nearly irresistable. Whether you are organizing a party, a special event, a corporate retreat or a simple company day, once employees and staff hear the infections rhythms, they want to participate…and once they participate, they realize that they aren’t alone. They are playing together, and this creates something within a group that is absolutely unique.

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