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Drumming, specifically drumming in groups is a deep set human activity that goes as far back in human history as dancing, singing and story telling…and has historically often been a component of those. Many cultures have retained drumming as part of their ritual, and part of their living experience. Western cultures, however, have largely abandoned group drumming (or drum circles) as an important cultural and participatory event.

We are on a mission to change this.

At KoSA, we are dedicated to the power and promise of drumming and percussion. KoSA Drum Parties are how we bring the life-changing experience of group drumming to you. Whether you are hosting a birthday party, having a gathering of friends and family, are responsible for planning an inclusive corporate event or retreat, or are simply after an entertaining experience you and your fellow participants will never forget, we are your facilitor!

KoSA Drum Parties offers decades of percussion and performance experience. We have participated in group drumming events around the world, and have ourselves learned from drum masters from Africa, Asia, South America, and more. We bring it to you!

We urge you to visit these web pages, and then contact us for more information. A KoSA Drum Party will change the way you think about being human and will improve your outlook on life.

Thank you for your time and interest.

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