KoSA – Rhythm is the Heart CD



This cd, the first in the KoSA series, features electrifying performances of varied styles and areas of percussion from solo drumset, Japanese taiko drumming, solo timpani, to frame drumming. Recorded live at the KoSA Festival of the KoSA International Percussion Workshop, Rhythm is the Heart captures the memorable performances of such world renowned artists as Horacio Hernandez, Dom Famularo, Changuito (Jose Luis Quintana), Répercussion, Marco Lienhard, Aldo Mazza, Ed Shaughnessy with an all star big band, John Beck, Gordon Gottlieb, and Glen Velez.

Track listing:
1. Répercussion: Hong Kong
2. Horacio Hernandez: Esta Cosa
3. Glen Velez: Drum Forest
4. Aldo Mazza: Garden of Eden
5. Gordon Gottlieb: Improvisation
6. John Beck: Three Episodes for Timpani
7. Dom Famularo: Excerpt of Dom Solo
8. Changuito: Nos Otros
9. Marco Lienhard: Odaiko/Yatai Rayashi
10. Ed Shaughnessy & The All Star Band: Hip Shakin’.