The intensive workshop will consist of 20 hours of direct instruction “live” with our stellar faculty. 

4 hours per day of classes plus informal “hang outs” on Zoom in between classes for all to exchange ideas etc. 

The STYLES/TOPICS covered:

Rock drumset concepts
Jazz drumming techniques and concepts
Concepts in linear drumming
Brazilian rhythms
Cuban rhythms for percussion and drumset
Marching snare techniques and concepts
Music Business topics
Self-Promotion in the Real World
Technology , recording and garage band for drummers
Small Percussion concepts for drummers and percussionists
Drummer as profession …coaching sessions
New networking opportunities


Friday, July 10th at 7 pm will the the Participants’ Concert and COMPETITION. Each participant is invited to perform a 2-4 minute live solo (or with tracks). The KoSA Faculty will serve as the jury and they will announce their decisions before the end of the workshop.  The winners will receive their prize shipped directly to them by the sponsors.


KoSA offers transferable undergraduate and graduate credits.  All you have to do is pay for the credits and attend the program to receive your grade.


The workshop will have a prepared study program using materials from the artists’ books.  KoSA will also be publishing our annual magazine in downloadable PDF as well as other pertinent program PDFs on its website.


1.John Riley (Miles Davis)

2.David Garibaldi ( Tower of Power)

Chester Thompson ( Phil Collins)

  1. Aldo Mazza( Répercussion)
  2. Mike Clark( Herbie Hancock)
  3. Marcus Santos ( Brazilian percussion)
  4. Paul Picard( Celine Dion Percussion)
  5. Dominic Messier( Celine Dion Drums)
  6. Allan Molnar( technology-Garage Band)
  7. Jim Norris( Canadian Musician)
  8. Rick Van Horn( former senior editor of Modern Drummer)
  9. Bill Bachman( Marching )
  10. Jim Riley(Rascal Flatts)


Plus special guests

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