PAS/KoSA New York Days at NYU

A Percussion weekend in NYC! Feb. 15-16, 2014

Watch this space for more information!


Why Percussion Matters:

Our hearts beat, so must our minds and souls. Our hands move, our feet stomp and our bodies sway, because of the beat. The universe pulses so we must keep time, in order to find order and contentment. We feel the warmth and confidence in the beat… reminding us or our origins.

If language is a barrier, from lack of knowledge and experience, drumming is the bridge that will bring us together regardless what we may know or not know. Percussion is a language all of its own, with a vocabulary as extensive as any spoken language, which combines all known languages into one common sentence, one common phrase, one united way of understanding.

Percussion is sound and sound is omnipresent. We hit, we strike, we rub, we shake, we scrape, we whallop, we kick, we press, we smile, we help people smile. Our sounds inspire, conjure, surprise, frighten, touch, feel, reflect, deflect, absorb and imprint.

The universe pulses, quasars erupt and implode and we marvel at the unknown effects the universal order has on our selves. Be assured, all of these powers can be replicated, duplicated and exponentially transferred to the human soul, through the music we make, the drumming we drum and the respect and dedication we have for ourselves as creators and participants… percussionists, one and all.

— Jonathan Haas

Music Associate Professor of Percussion Studies;
Director, Percussion Studies Program
NYU Steinhardt School of Culture,
Education and Human Development

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